Ivy Manohara

Founder, Director Filmapia

Ivy Manohar’s love for the movies helped her build a venture that’s today disrupting the traditional film location services industry
As movie buffs, Benjamin Jacob and Ivy Manohar were always curious to know where the movies were shot whenever they saw beautiful locations on screen. However, with no readymade answers, they set out to find themselves. This journey took the shape of Filmapia – a hobby website that doubled up as a repository of movie locations. “As the library grew, we started getting inquiries from filmmakers who wanted us to help them shoot at the locations that we posted on the website,” shares Ivy. “That’s when we realised that the film location service was a huge industry and presented a potential business opportunity waiting to be tapped in.”

Growth Story

Ivy Manohara Benjamin is the Co-Founder and Director of Filmapia. Regardless of the fact that her business came to a halt whenever a lockdown was imposed in the country, she managed to pull off three shoots on location as soon as the lockdown was lifted.She is the kind of entrepreneur who is prepared for every contingency. Her determination to outdo her circumstances helped her recover, despite the pandemic putting her on the back foot. She outlined her business path for the upcoming months, well in advance.

This helped her earn Rs 1.2 lakhs in just three days of shooting. She signed a TV serial contract the very next week, adding a revenue of Rs 50 lakhs for the year 2021-22.