Bharathi Kamath

Managing Director, Carewel India

How Bharathi Kamath built a multi-crore facilities management firm
“The idea of starting a services business was an organic one, though taking the entrepreneurial route after a long corporate stint was not the easiest decision or experience. But, it definitely felt the right thing to do,” she recalls. After starting the business with a personal investment of Rs 5 lakh, Bharati was instrumental in growing the business single-handedly. Know More

Growth Story

Bharathi Kamath , Founder of Carewel India found it challenging to find new clients at such difficult times. However, because of the trust she had built with her existing clients, she was able to effectively overcome this problem by renewing her contracts with them.
Carewel India secured a major deal this year, resulting in a revenue of Rs 4.2 crore and closed orders for sanitisation and fumigation services with four clients, resulting in her revenue increasing by more than Rs 58,000 in June.