Anushka Jaisinghani

Founder,LJ Snacks/ Snack me

After building LJs Snackys as a leading corporate catering brand in Bengaluru, Anushka Jaisinghani is venturing into B2C in a big way with SnackMe.

A Sindhi by birth, an Indian at heart and a foodie by DNA — that’s how Anushka Jaisinghani describes herself. So, it wasn’t surprising,that when she decided to turn into an entrepreneur after a decade-long corporate stint, food was the first segment which she wanted to venture into. “Sindhi cuisine has a lot of snacks which are slightly different from the ordinary. And, most of these snacks have evolved to meet the palate of the modern consumer. We have patti samosa, cheese rolls and aloo tikkis, among others. It was something that I knew would do well in a cosmopolitan market like Bengaluru,” she says. Know more>>

Growth Story

Anushka Jaisinghani, a first-generation entrepreneur is the embodiment of grit and perseverance. Her decade-old corporate catering business SnackMe was hit hard by the Covid 19 pandemic and was about to shut shop. But a highly-spirited and resilient Anushka switched to the frozen food sector, which she realized had great potential especially in times of a pandemic.

Anushka joined Xcelerator Bangalore hoping to find new partners who could add value to the distribution system she is setting up. Within five days of the first session on sales and marketing at Xcelerator Bangalore, she partnered with a new distributor in Chennai. She is executing concepts like product segmentation and differential pitch for varied markets, by slightly modifying her products to cater to a relatively conservative and price-sensitive Chennai market. She is excited to have found a distributor willing to pay half the contract value upfront and finds it incredible that her product, despite modifications, has a competitive edge. Her new purchase order would give any entrepreneur an adrenaline rush.

Anushka’s first step in her journey to growth has been astounding, but there is no slowing down, for she would like her products on shelves across the country.