Anubhav Gupta

Enabling new market opporunities

Anubhav is a Consultant at Dalberg Advisors. He has worked extensively with funders and entrepreneurs
to kick-start new markets for underserved populations. These include solar appliances for smallholder
farmers in India, agriculture in the Pacific Islands, and energy solutions for the world’s 70 Mn refugees
and displaced persons. Further, he has also advised national and state governments on a range of policy
and regulatory issues. This has involved creating a plan to support MSMEs to drive recovery in a post-
Covid world, developing a national water management strategy for the Indian government, creating the
operational plan and financing structure of a pan-India trauma care hospital network, and
recommending changes to India’s national solar water pump policy for farmers. He holds a BA in
Economics (with Honours) from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi.