GAME is an alliance of organizations committed to creating an entrepreneurial movement in India that results in 10 million new entrepreneurs, half women, who will create 50 million livelihoods by 2030.

Our Story

Unlike many countries (e.g., USA, China, Bangladesh, etc.), mass entrepreneurship (ME) is an underleveraged job creator in India. GAME – The Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship founded by Ravi Venkatesan, Madan Padaki and Mekin Maheshwari, was officially launched in August 2018, to unlock ME’s potential and as a convening body that brings alignment within the ecosystem and mobilises action to address systemic challenges.

Secretariat and Advisors

The team that’s making it possible

Advisory Board

Anjuly Chib Duggal
Advisory Board Member

Bhairavi Jani
Advisory Board Member

Gyanendra Badgaiyan
Advisory Board Member

Debasish Mitter
Advisory Board Member

Kuldeep Dantewdia
Advisory Board Member

Deepali Khanna
Advisory Board Member

Murli Ramachandran
Advisory Board Member

PG Raghuraman
Advisory Board Member

Anjani Bansal
Advisory Board Member

Dr. V. Anantha Nageswaran
Advisory Board Member

Our Alliance

Partners committed to catalysing mass entrepreneurship


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Organizational Culture & Values

Be Entrepreneurial Diversity & Inclusion Constant Learning Agility & Change Transparency & Trust
Live their Dreams & Aspirations Mix of Gender & Experience in Hiring Task Forces to be cross functional Build Time bound programs Share Plans , Objectives and Results with Teams
Address,Challenges,& Develop Risk Taking Ability Spread operations across the Country and Sectors Collaborate with Institutions & Universities Tweak , Remodel and revise Strategies on the Go. Drive all Task Forces in tandem and holistically.
Spend Frugally 50% of ME should be women Build Pilots, Test , Replicate.. Playbooks Core Team is Lean and Speed to Action Create,environment of feedback and coaching
Encourage Creativity,and Innovation Target nano and small entrepreneurs Events, Workshops , Conferences and Seminars Set Milestone checks to test results and change directions ONE GAME.. Several players ..

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