GAME aims to create a thriving environment for Mass Entrepreneurship (ME) in India, resulting in large-scale job creation. We have set an ambitious target to create youth-led mass entrepreneurship at the local level, helping create 10M entrepreneurs, 50% of women, who create 50M jobs by 2030.

Our Story

Unlike many countries (e.g., USA, China, Bangladesh, etc.), mass entrepreneurship (ME) is an underleveraged job creator in India. GAME – The Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship founded by Ravi Venkatesan, Madan Padaki and Mekin Maheshwari, was officially launched in August 2018, to unlock ME’s potential and as a convening body that brings alignment within the ecosystem and mobilises action to address systemic challenges.

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Anjuly Chib Duggal
Advisory Board Member

Bhairavi Jani
Advisory Board Member

Ajit Rangnekar
Advisory Board Member

Debasish Mitter
Advisory Board Member

Kuldeep Dantewdia
Advisory Board Member

Deepali Khanna
Advisory Board Member

Murli Ramachandran
Advisory Board Member

PG Raghuraman
Advisory Board Member

Anjani Bansal
Advisory Board Member

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