Voice of Dr. Rajeswari Ranganathan | President

AWAKE has created mini-groups in 2-3 districts for related businesses, for entrepreneurs to form communities and help each other.There is support needed for online training content and manpower sourcing and training

Voice of Kuldeep Dantewadia | Co- Founder

The skills of this era that are needed include, community building skills, collaboration and learning from the environment. The
ecosystem needs to focus on organisationsreinventing themselves and on NGOs that are surviving.

Voice of Julia Karst | Head of Project

The crisis has exacerbated existing barriers that women face (e.g.inequalities in accessing schemes and finance). GIZ has deployed a support helpline for women entrepreneurs in the Northeast

Voice of Shailesh Dixit | Co-Founder

To provide access to kick-start financial products, there needs to be a network of organisations that have a direct access to business, understand the requirements of entrepreneurs and can provide last mile delivery

Voice of Harish Hande | Co-Founder (SELCO

To create a new normal, need to help many of the poorer entrepreneurs work with new business channels. Need to create an ecosystemto ensure that their needs are met

Voice of Mukesh Ralhan | Co Founder

Attack the opportunities, be agile and it does not matter right nowwhether it is the core business; it is important to follow the opportunity. Also, aggressively adopt digital tools for the business

Voice of Jeevan Gopisetty | Co-Founder

Start aggressively talking to enterprises tobridge the communication and information gaps.To survive through the current crisis and prepare adequately for future opportunities, a community behaviour must be introduced at scale.

Voice of Vidit Aatrey |CEO

Awareness across entrepreneurs and exchange of information is necessary.Thishelps to start businesses. Provide access to intelligence like access to raw materials, pricing, packaging etc.

Voice of Srikanth Iyer | CEO, HomeLane

Need to think of what is happening, focus on how people are behaving and look at how to adapt the business

Voice of Medha Uniyal | Co head

Needs access to information;communication on registration and documentation for workers and businessesl; collaboration on the essential pivots, demand and supply requirements for larger MSMEs

Voice of Arun Maira | Former Member

Get everyone onto a common purpose, make sure that all of us understand we are part of a larger system and the impact of our actions on other systems.

Voice of Vanita Shinde | CAO

Moving MOOC Program’ promotes finance and business literacy through short content formats. Mann Deshi Community Radio bringsawareness to the entrepreneurs and the broade

Voice of TN Hari | Head of HR

Entrepreneurs need to adapt to the changing scenarios, increase ability to learn, use more tech tools, need to generate cash, be frugal and build salesand marketing skills.

Voice of Gayathri Vasudevan | Labour Net Services

Need to reimagine livelihoods in light of this crisis and repurpose skills to new demands Foregback office employees can manage telemedicine kiosks

Voice of Sanjay Jain | Bharat Innovation Fund

In the medium term, focus on stimulus and programs where therecan be more leverage. For eg, focus on a sector where the supply chain unlocks potential

Voice of Anjali Bansal | Avaana Capital

The digitalization of the Kirana store can be the most game changing thing for the country. Need to create a much more technologically enabled community

Voice of Supriya Paul | Josh Talks

Build aspiration and inspiration in small businesses. Youth who are digital savvy and available at this time can help small and medium businesses transition into the digital age

Voice of Santosh Mehrotra | Professor (JNU)

Alliances can make it easy for banks to lend through aggregation. Focus on cluster development to see how the alliance can support their recovery

Voice of Sameer Gupta | Haldivita

To build a local brand, an authenticity and uniqueness about the product is necessary. Provide a competitive advantage. Build an effective supply chain and focus on quality assurance.

Voice of Sairee Chahal | Sheroes

Compassionate commerce is key: Relook at how commerce can be sustainable, environment friendly and integrates more diverse voices. Invest in humanity and emerge to a new way of thinking

Voice of Aarti Mohan | Sattva Consulting

Take district as a unit for ownership, decentralisation and livelihood stabilisation Address liquidity challenges for informal entrepreneurs with new financial products.

Voice of Ritesh Malik | Innov8

Access to information is very important. Continuous advocacy is needed because that helps in developing more innovative ideas and new business opportunities.

Voice of Prabhat Labh | Grameen Foundation

E- commerce platforms, digital based platforms can be very effective. E- learning helps entrepreneurs build capabilities. Need for patient capital and capacity building for new business models.

Voice of Surabhi and Tanya | GOODbynature

Built a community where the produce is delivered from the farmer to an NGO to feed the hungry. Build a community of stakeholders based on trust for impact

Voice of Dhimant Parekh | The Better India

Bridge the information gap through access to information; Build an empathy bridge- Need to educate the consumers on the value small businesses bring.

Voice Of Sandeep Banerjee | Advisor to GAME

Emerging trends: takeout since people want to belong to their safe space; new solutions for contactless delivery. Transparency in health & safety standards in the kitchen develops trust in consumers ordering from food enterprises

Arun Sivaramakrishnan | CMS Partners

Address directives for the textile industry since it involves huge labour: communicate safety precautions to health workers; build a communication channel to update the workers on govt. opportunities.

Radhika | Champaca Book Store

Shift to online subscriptions, introduce voucher programs for customers to redeem in the future & aid Champaca in managing costs and sustaining themselves.

Voice of Krishna Gopal | ALC

Help entrepreneurs make decisions through pricing; diversification, procurement and identifying markets. Provide safety measures at an individual and producer-group level and access to information

Bhuvana Anand | CCS

Need to access capital to prevent payoffs, enable mobilisation across states & bridge operations for small enterprises; those that have difficulty surviving because of labour migration.

Mananasmita Patra | Owner of Fresh Phulka

Fresh Phulka is venturing in the ready to eat market as it is more hygienic. Needs mentoring, industry connections and market linkages

Aditi Singh and Tushar Thakkar| Dalberg

Bring in measures to ease business, focus on liquidity injection, collaboration of the different sectors to mutually grow rather than compete for scarce resources.

Rehanaben Riyawala And Sahil Hebbar | SEWA

Connect members and leaders online to educate them on COVID, focus on preventive measures & economic impact of enterprises and livelihood of the members while social distancing.