On behalf of Team GAME – a very Happy New Year and I hope that 2020 is filled with all the joy, prosperity and success for you and your loved ones. A time for reflection, 2019 has indeed been an eventful year for GAME.

I look back at 2019 with a lot of gratitude for the immense support we have received from each one of our partners. We have initiated the Bangalore Women Entrepreneur Taskforce and the Meghalaya Taskforce that will help replicate mass entrepreneurship models across the country.

Through multiple convenings, six research reports, fundraising and our focus on learning and co-creating, we have set the foundation for an effective 2020. The latest convening witnessed the participation of 220 participants, 59 speakers and 130 organizations – the Alliance is gaining momentum.

With a growing Alliance (30 active and enthusiastic partners helping us stay accountable), we aim to make GAME the go-to organization for all mass entrepreneurship, knowledge and collaborations; 3000 mass entrepreneurial journeys are to begin across Bangalore, Meghalaya, and Punjab as we make mass entrepreneurship aspirational- a movement.

Thank You again – let’s make 2020 count.

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