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A campaign to make entrepreneurship aspirational through stories of grit, passion, perseverance, failure, success, and much more- of entrepreneurs from across the length and breadth of the country. Together with partners from across all 28 states, we celebrate entrepreneurial India and invite citizens to share the stories of entrepreneurs in their neighborhood, town, or city which have inspired them. This initiative will culminate in a marathon Twitter event where we release the stories of 1000 entrepreneurs in 16.67 hours or 1000 minutes and in the process hope to create a world record that will add further impetus to the entrepreneurship movement.


Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs from India irrespective of their

Business size

Business type

Location/ Language

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How to participate?

Write or record your or someone else’s entrepreneurial journey in 150 words or a 45 sec video. The story can be in any language.
Submit the story by clicking the button below. The most inspirational stories will be shared with the world on 25th March 2022

Join us in celebrating these untold stories from your state, your city, your neighbourhood

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Sample Stories


Vaneet Moudgil

Nexus Fashion


Bharathi Kamath

Carewel India

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Write to us at [email protected]